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I understand how hard it is for businesses of any size to communicate their message effectively in a competitive marketplace.

The stakes are higher than ever, not just competing for visibility, but for a message that speaks to your audience above all your competitors.

I’ve been a professional content writer since 2013 so I’ve seen how writing on the web has changed.

That’s why businesses come to me to help them reach out.

Some Credited Works on the Web

Check out AI Developments Predicted for Freelancers from 2019 for Underpinned

The Importance of Soft Skills to Businesses, a 2018 piece for Irish Times Training.

Going back a little further, Environmental Science Careers for STEM Graduates for NEEF USA.

Environmental Science Writing

Between 2014 and 2018, I was the primary writer for this environmental science jobs and education resource site including:

As three examples.

Let’s talk About Rates

I offer multiple options, depending on how you wish to work, what suits your needs and budget.

  • Per word rate favoured by clients where it’s not clear how much writing may be required for length of a single piece: 10p per word
  • Flat rate for clients with an ideal article length in mind and who prefer a simplified payment structure: £50 for 1* 500 word article
  • Hourly rate for proofreading services and writing clients who prefer to pay for time taken rather than overall length: £40 per hour
  • Day rate for clients who wish to hire my services for multiple projects to take days at a time: £160 per day.

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