Five Pieces of Advice from a Five-Year Veteran to a New Freelancer

I realised just the other day that April 2018 is the five year anniversary of going freelance. I’ve never looked back and at times I did worry about whether I was doing the right thing. But that month was a lot of change for me – personal and workwise, but it stands as a landmarkContinue reading “Five Pieces of Advice from a Five-Year Veteran to a New Freelancer”

My Seven Pillars of Freelancing

While freelancing for a living is empowering and gives you control over your work-life balance, the work you do, the clients you work with and the level of work you take on, it’s important to maintain professional standards. When you do, clients will want to work with you and will keep coming back for more.

Freelancing and the Morning Routine

Ah yes, a lack of routine – one of the biggest stumbling blocks to any freelancing career. You’ll be called upon to work early mornings, late nights and weekends and though you should give yourself a break during the day (one of the perks is you can stop work anytime you like, even take aContinue reading “Freelancing and the Morning Routine”