The Cult of Productivity & “Do Nothing” Guilt

As awful as the pandemic has been, a lot of people have used the time to do stuff they’d never previously done. The running joke is that we’re all now banana bread master chefs and massively overweight from all the cakes and biscuits we’ve made and eaten. It’s great some have taken the time toContinue reading “The Cult of Productivity & “Do Nothing” Guilt”

Work From Home Tips From An Introvert During COVID-19

I’m not and have never been an extrovert; I’d quite happily not go out for a few days. Some weeks, the only place I go is the supermarket and the gym now that I work from home. I’m not a complete hermit though. Unlike a lot of introverts, I like going outside – to theContinue reading “Work From Home Tips From An Introvert During COVID-19”

Essential Free Software For Every Home-Based Small Business

Money is always tight for a startup business, especially when working as a sole trader / freelancer. Even if you have loan you are confident that you can pay back in time, you will come to rely on free software to maximise your slender profit margin, if you have one at all. Setting up yourContinue reading “Essential Free Software For Every Home-Based Small Business”

How Did I Ever Organise My Time Before Freedcamp?

Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this article about Freedcamp. My views are my own. For most of my nearly six years as a freelance writer, I’ve not really needed to manage my work. I’ve simply used Sticky notes on my desktop to see how much work I have this week and help meContinue reading “How Did I Ever Organise My Time Before Freedcamp?”

The Importance of Good Lighting in Your Home Office

Entering the final month of summer here in Cornwall has been cloudy this year but certainly not cold. We have higher than average humidity which is why when you travel about this gorgeous county, you’ll see a wealth of happy tropical plants. Cloud reduces light and that can mean the light levels get too lowContinue reading “The Importance of Good Lighting in Your Home Office”

Why Freelancers Should Take a Holiday Every Year

I’ve been quite bad at keeping this blog up to date over the latter end of spring. 2018 has been a tough year in several ways. But now, having just returned from a holiday to the northeast of England, I feel refreshed, recharged and ready to go again. Coming back to a lovely and warmContinue reading “Why Freelancers Should Take a Holiday Every Year”

How Freelancers Can Maintain Long-Term Working Relationships with Clients

Long-term clients who come back to us month after month and year after year are like gold dust. I feel fortunate that I have so many with whom I’m working now four years after I started my freelance writing career. It amazes me sometimes when I hear how some freelancers simply give up working forContinue reading “How Freelancers Can Maintain Long-Term Working Relationships with Clients”

Cost Saving Tips for your Home Office

As any freelancer or work-from-home professional knows, you need to do all you can to maximise your profits and minimise your bills. Freelancing is precarious; you don’t want all of your revenue going on costs and not be able to afford to eat! Most of us don’t realise that there are measures we can takeContinue reading “Cost Saving Tips for your Home Office”

How To Keep Skype Consultations to a Minimum

A quick show of hands, please. How many of you have a heart-sink moment when you hear how a client just want to have another “quick” chat when the chats are anything but quick? How many of you have had clients for whom Skype chats over an hour long are a weekly occurrence, sometimes twiceContinue reading “How To Keep Skype Consultations to a Minimum”

Useful Sites For Writers: Coffitivity for Combatting Procrastination

Distraction, distraction, distraction. Whether writing a novel, working on a piece for a client or simply trying to let the creative juices flowing, working from home is not that easy. Not everybody can do it. You have to be tough on yourself and make yourself work. Combatting procrastination is a daily struggle.