How Did I Ever Organise My Time Before Freedcamp?

Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this article about Freedcamp. My views are my own. For most of my nearly six years as a freelance writer, I’ve not really needed to manage my work. I’ve simply used Sticky notes on my desktop to see how much work I have this week and help me […]

I Never Thought Freelancing Would Last This Long For Me

A little over five years ago with a divorce on the brink of finalising, I walked out of a job and moved some 70 miles back across the country to my family home. Then, as a man in his late 30s and still with debt accrued paying for a Master’s Degree he’d finished nearly four […]

What to Do After Losing a Big Contract

At the end of April, I was stunned to receive an email from a long-standing client on a Thursday morning announcing that once I’d fulfilled that week’s commitment, my services would no longer be required, The speed of its ending was the biggest shock. But soon I was hit with another sobering thought – how […]

Five Signs it’s Time to Put Your Freelance Prices Up

You may love being a freelancer. You may love the flexibility and work life balance. You may even love the actual work. Given the choice, nobody would do a job they hated. You should, however, never lose sight of the fact that you are a business. You should regularly review what you charge your clients. […]

How To Avoid Burnout as a Freelance Content Writer

Sooner or later, it happens. The brain shuts down and you can’t do anything – not literally of course. You’re still capable of doing stuff but you brain resists any attempt at doing any more work for which you expect to get paid. There are many lessons to learn as a new freelancer and attitudes […]

UK Jelly Work From Home Group Falmouth and Penryn (Every Wednesday)!

Are you self-employed, work from home or other remote worker based in west Cornwall (specifically Falmouth and Penryn area)? Are you fed up with working alone with only your four walls for company? Why not come along to Cornwall’s newest Jelly event? The digital economy and remote working have led to an unprecedented number of […]

Don’t Be A Work From Home Hermit, Check Out a Jelly!

If you’ve worked from home for any length of time, you probably learnt very quickly that it’s a bit of a lonely existence. You will spend most of your time alone. You won’t have colleagues to chat to and you have no water cooler over which to gossip, proverbial or otherwise. This is one of […]

The Five Fears of Freelancing

Taking that bold step to give up a job to enter into the precarious world of self-employment is never an easy one. You will be beset with worry most of the time for various reasons. But in the end you will feel that it’s all worth it. I’ve been a freelancer for just over three […]

How To Be a Terrible Upwork Client

Let me start by saying that the overwhelming majority of people I have worked with and for have been superb, a pleasure to work with. Sadly, there are those whose standards of professionalism are nowhere near as high as our own. We’ve all had them – the nightmare clients who act as if they are […]