Blog Posts to Delete for Improved SEO

Regular readers will know that this blog regularly undergoes an overhaul. It’s vital for my business that I move with the times. The type of content has also changed. During the summer I made arguably the biggest change to the website since changing its name in 2012 and giving it a more professional sheen. DuringContinue reading “Blog Posts to Delete for Improved SEO”

In Defence of Ad-Blockers: A Freelancer Writer’s Perspective

If there is one internet debate that will never go away, it’s the one about ad-blockers. I recently purchased a new laptop. I’m incredibly pleased with it. It has a Solid State Drive which I feel has already been an immense improvement on my daily productivity (more on SSDs in another post though).

“Content is King”? What Does That Even Mean Anyway?

It’s a common phrase for business and freelancers that operate on the internet. To some it might be meaningless business speak, but for some businesses primarily engaged with the internet they are words to live by. “Content is King” has become a bit of a mantra, but what does it really mean? And how importantContinue reading ““Content is King”? What Does That Even Mean Anyway?”