What Victory Feels Like (A Vignette)

As I write this, Germany have just won the FIFA World Cup. Congratulations to them, their victory is thoroughly deserved. They have been (until tonight anyway because the game was a bit dull) inspiring to watch and demonstrating class, superior tactics and solid teamwork. This short vignette in honour of The Beautiful Game is aboutContinue reading “What Victory Feels Like (A Vignette)”

Snippet Sunday 8/6/14: Goodbyes and Hellos

Since selling my car a year ago to stretch my finances for my writing business, I have relied on public transport a lot more. I live in Swindon but have friends in Bristol, Exeter and several other places across the south. Now I am in a long-distance relationship with a girlfriend who lives in Cornwall. This meansContinue reading “Snippet Sunday 8/6/14: Goodbyes and Hellos”

Snippet Sunday 1/6/14: “The Day I…”

Snippet Sunday, my regular feature has been going for a few months now and most of the time I can relate my flash fiction to the Daily Prompt. It has been mostly fiction though aside from my short piece following the Bristol 10K. Today’s is to post a photograph (which I have put as the bannerContinue reading “Snippet Sunday 1/6/14: “The Day I…””