Are You Being the Best Upwork Client You Could Possibly Be?

I turn down work for many reasons through Upwork. Leaving aside those of too low a budget and jobs for which I have no experience (I get invited to translation and PPC advertising roles for which I have no experience let alone interest), sometimes I reject them purely because of the client. If I getContinue reading “Are You Being the Best Upwork Client You Could Possibly Be?”

How To Come Up With Effective Upwork Tailored Questions

Upwork can be a great resource for connecting clients and contractors. While there is certainly a lot of rubbish (on both sides), I will not knock it; it’s where I found the majority of my present clients. The good and bad clients are relatively easy to identify. There is one area where most organisations fallContinue reading “How To Come Up With Effective Upwork Tailored Questions”

How to Create a Great Upwork Job Listing

Hello there, potential Upwork client! Are you feeling a little confused about how the site works? Still concerned about how to attract the right freelancer? I know how it can be. I am a contractor but I have also hired on Upwork too. I know the difficulties of getting your job noticed to the rightContinue reading “How to Create a Great Upwork Job Listing”

Coming Up With Ideas For High-Volume Clients

If you’re lucky enough to have long-term clients on Upwork who want content from you every week (in some cases 2-3 articles per week), you will sometimes run out of ideas. Your client will come back with answers like “I already have a lot of content on that topic” or “not really part of myContinue reading “Coming Up With Ideas For High-Volume Clients”

How To Be a Terrible Upwork Client

Let me start by saying that the overwhelming majority of people I have worked with and for have been superb, a pleasure to work with. Sadly, there are those whose standards of professionalism are nowhere near as high as our own. We’ve all had them – the nightmare clients who act as if they areContinue reading “How To Be a Terrible Upwork Client”

Dealing With Self-Employment Hectic Periods

Earlier this year, I wrote a post on things you should do when you have a lull in work. But what about at the other end of the spectrum? How do you cope when you have so much that you don’t know how you can fit it in and still loaded with work anyway?