Useful Tool for Writers: Grammarly

Most people have already heard of this, one of the best spelling and grammar correction apps presently available on the web. I’ve used grammarbase and several others, but none of them are quite so easy to use as Grammarly. There are two options to the Grammarly service; a basic package is free, but there is … Continue reading Useful Tool for Writers: Grammarly

Websites for writers: Powerthesaurus

What happens when you know what you want to say but the right word doesn’t come to mind? You need a thesaurus. There are many out there, a lot of glittery and some don’t stand up to quality checks. Basically – they have style but little substance. A couple of weeks ago I was sent … Continue reading Websites for writers: Powerthesaurus

Site of the Week: Evernote

It is not always easy researching and saving stuff for later perusal. It is sometimes difficult if you are struck with inspiration when you only have your mobile phone with you. And what if you have bits of everything everywhere all over your laptop? What if you could all of your notes and snippets in … Continue reading Site of the Week: Evernote