How To Digital Detox as a Freelancer / Small Business

Digital detox – you might have heard the term. Essentially it means to disconnect from some or all social media accounts. Although the science behind a dietary detox is pretty shoddy, there are good reasons to take a break from social media. When done well, you can come back refreshed and with a better focus.

Five Ways You’re Doing Twitter Wrong

Ah Twitter, love it or hate it. I’ve recently discovered a new-found love for the platform after ignoring it for years. I opened my first account in 2015 to pose as the character Jim from Dead Heat. I didn’t give it enough time or tweet enough as a marketing tool. A year ago, I repurposedContinue reading “Five Ways You’re Doing Twitter Wrong”

Skills I Never Thought I’d Need as a Freelance Writer: #1 Graphic Design

Six years I’ve been doing this gig. Six years! At the time I just wanted to write and I signed up for Elance and Odesk thinking I would (eventually) get enough work in perpetuity and by word of mouth when I had a large enough list of clients. I didn’t consider other skills and atContinue reading “Skills I Never Thought I’d Need as a Freelance Writer: #1 Graphic Design”

A Writer’s Guide to Identifying Facebook Bots

If you use or have used Facebook in the past, you have no doubt come across Facebook bots. They come in two forms: The most common the random friend request from a beautiful stranger using stolen or stock images The second appear on political pages The first are perhaps a lot less dangerous although weContinue reading “A Writer’s Guide to Identifying Facebook Bots”

Why Nosedive is My Favourite Black Mirror

Black Mirror returns soon, though Netflix hasn’t yet given us a release date. Over the last few months, I’ve been going through all of the episodes. Having now watched most of them at least twice, I feel that Nosedive – the third season opener, is my favourite story.

Most People Don’t Read Articles They Share on Social Media

It’s been suspected for many years, but it’s recently been confirmed that most people don’t even read articles they share on social media before they share them. The headline is the all-powerful attention grabber but now they are so attention-grabbing that people just share. Have we become so entrenched in our echo chambers? Do weContinue reading “Most People Don’t Read Articles They Share on Social Media”