The Chances of Anything Coming from Mars: Thoughts on War of the Worlds

Do you “believe” in life on other planets? I don’t but only because – in this case – “belief” is irrelevant. People used to believe that this planet was the centre of the solar system. The fact that this hypothesis was violently enforced does not make it true. What matters is the evidence and theContinue reading “The Chances of Anything Coming from Mars: Thoughts on War of the Worlds”

Social Commentary in Science Fiction: The Hunger Games

In less than a month I have read the entire Hunger Games trilogy and watched the first film for a third time. My head is now so full of this stuff that I have to give the trilogy its own post in my popular “social commentary” series. It has been a while since I haveContinue reading “Social Commentary in Science Fiction: The Hunger Games”

Book Review: The Chrysalids by John Wyndham

This is the least typical of Wyndham’s novels in that it is set in the far future and not in middle England. This is a tale of a small agricultural community on the island of Labrador in a far future post-apocalyptic world. Their historical documents refer to the people of old who were destroyed byContinue reading “Book Review: The Chrysalids by John Wyndham”

Social Commentary in science fiction: How it changed after 9/11

I’m not here to offer platitudes, express outrage or appeal to jingoism and xenophobia. I think there has been enough of that in the last ten years and there is nothing I can say about the event that hasn’t already been said. What I do want to do is discuss how the world’s worst terroristContinue reading “Social Commentary in science fiction: How it changed after 9/11”

Examples of Social Commentary in Science Fiction

So I can’t really get the events of Frankenstein out of my head and it is still giving me much to ponder, not in and of itself, but how science fiction is such a major and important conduit for social commentary. If I had studied sociology instead of archaeology at university, I would like toContinue reading “Examples of Social Commentary in Science Fiction”