Challenge: Flash Fiction using the word “Dendrofilous”

Post a Day has set a flash fiction challenge. Here is my effort. Word limit: 300 “New to this?” Asked the site foreman with a knowing grin, passing me a coffee. I sipped it and watched the drill descend. It wasn’t quite at the deepest permissible point but it was close. “You learn not toContinue reading “Challenge: Flash Fiction using the word “Dendrofilous””

Challenge: Write a Story in Only Six Words

Challenging post a daytoday. I’ve seen on other blogs that some writers rise to the challenge of flash and micro fiction. These are incredibly short stories typically, 1000 words or (far) fewer for flash fiction, 500 characters or fewer for micro fiction. There is no formal set limit, different websites have different ideas about whatContinue reading “Challenge: Write a Story in Only Six Words”