Which Classics Have You Read More Than Once?

We either love classics or we endure them. For most people, reading a classic is something to tick off a bucket list. Let’s be honest, being forced to endure them in a school environment is not conducive to repeated reading. Yet eventually, most of us find a handful we love. Here is my list.

History Boys and Girls – Noteworthy Historical Fiction

I talk a lot about science fiction books on here and I realise that despite posting quite a few book reviews on the genre, I’ve neglected discussion of novels set in the past. I have read quite a few set across a diverse range of periods with different approaches and ranging in quality.

What Happens To Your Ebooks After You Die?

Not to get too morbid, but I came across this a couple of months ago when a neighbour lost his wife. They had a joint account at Amazon and he owns a Kindle but the account was in her name. I wondered what the legality of the situation was and who would be entitled to keepContinue reading “What Happens To Your Ebooks After You Die?”

Examining Villains in Fiction and Their Sins

An interesting daily post today but I am going to go slightly off topic here and suggest one favourite villain for each of the seven sins before suggesting my own eighth sin. We love our villains, don’t we? We love to hate them as well as enjoying the dynamic they bring to the book, film or game. Most areContinue reading “Examining Villains in Fiction and Their Sins”