Quirks of the English Language: Place Names With Weird Pronunciation

As I like to travel about quite a bit (mostly by train at the moment, but I do drive) I’m often struck by the weird and wonderful place names I see around. As part of my MA in Landscape Archaeology, I did study some place name etymology and I often find myself trying to workContinue reading “Quirks of the English Language: Place Names With Weird Pronunciation”

Figurative Speech: Oxymorons

Oxymorons – they can be amusing or ironic, or they can give you a headache as you try to get your head around them. We use oxymorons all the time. They are terms that make sense initially, but appear to present a contradiction by fusing together two different and opposing words or terms.

Syntactic Ambiguity – English Language at its Funniest

No wait, don’t run away, please don’t be put off by the term “syntactic ambiguity” – yes I know it sounds dry and a bit like what you learnt in school and never want to learn again, it’s fun. In fact it’s one of the most amusing facets of the English language. Don’t believe me?Continue reading “Syntactic Ambiguity – English Language at its Funniest”

Quirks of the English Language

Now I am writing for a living, there are many curiosities that strike me about┬áthe language of English, seemingly contradictory grammatical rules, strange spellings, silent letters, that dreaded “i before e except after c” that has┬áso many exceptions. This thread is just a dumping ground for some of the weirder quirks so please forgive meContinue reading “Quirks of the English Language”