The Cult of Productivity & “Do Nothing” Guilt

As awful as the pandemic has been, a lot of people have used the time to do stuff they’d never previously done. The running joke is that we’re all now banana bread master chefs and massively overweight from all the cakes and biscuits we’ve made and eaten. It’s great some have taken the time toContinue reading “The Cult of Productivity & “Do Nothing” Guilt”

How Many Hours Should You Aim to Work / Write / Produce Something?

#Freelancing is a simple life, isn’t it? You get up, you watch daytime TV until 11:30am at which time you have a three-hour lunch, have coffee, waste some time on Facebook and work at your own pace until around 3pm 5pm. You have the luxury of setting your own hours, but one question niggles atContinue reading “How Many Hours Should You Aim to Work / Write / Produce Something?”

Site of the Week: Evernote

It is not always easy researching and saving stuff for later perusal. It is sometimes difficult if you are struck with inspiration when you only have your mobile phone with you. And what if you have bits of everything everywhere all over your laptop? What if you could all of your notes and snippets inContinue reading “Site of the Week: Evernote”