Skills I Never Thought I’d Need as a Freelance Writer: #1 Graphic Design

Six years I’ve been doing this gig. Six years! At the time I just wanted to write and I signed up for Elance and Odesk thinking I would (eventually) get enough work in perpetuity and by word of mouth when I had a large enough list of clients. I didn’t consider other skills and atContinue reading “Skills I Never Thought I’d Need as a Freelance Writer: #1 Graphic Design”

How Clients Can Help Freelancers Grow Their Business

Learning to effectively market one’s freelance business is a matter of trial and error. It’s one of the most difficult (and thankless) aspects of the job, but a necessary one. I love writing but I can’t afford to neglect reaching out to other businesses to ensure a stream of clients. There is no guarantee ofContinue reading “How Clients Can Help Freelancers Grow Their Business”

Start-Ups: Don’t Neglect Your Blog!

Ah, going into business – it’s as much an exciting time as one full of fears and anxieties. You have so much to think about regardless of what services or products you expect to eventually sell to customers. Are you B2B or B2C? Should you have a website (the answer to that should nearly alwaysContinue reading “Start-Ups: Don’t Neglect Your Blog!”

My Seven Pillars of Freelancing

While freelancing for a living is empowering and gives you control over your work-life balance, the work you do, the clients you work with and the level of work you take on, it’s important to maintain professional standards. When you do, clients will want to work with you and will keep coming back for more.

Five Ways You Can Help Your Freelancer to Help You

Have you just hired your first freelancer? It doesn’t matter whether they are a writer, cover artist, web developer or ad marketer. There are some universal expectations that your freelancer will expect. In order to deliver a successful project, they will need you to help them to help you. Here is how you do it.

Why You Must Not Cut Corners on your Business Blog

The majority of my clients of the last four years realise the importance of a quality business blog. Most understand the increasing need for quality content. As the search engines (especially Google) further refine their algorithms, that is only going to get more important. Why? Because with social media, how much and how often yourContinue reading “Why You Must Not Cut Corners on your Business Blog”

Why Fiction Writing and Content Writing Are Not That Different

You might be surprised to learn that a prospective client once asked me what I know about content writing considering my academic background and fiction writing. I politely pointed to some of my samples on the web and explained that the two are not mutually exclusive. The more I thought about it, the more itContinue reading “Why Fiction Writing and Content Writing Are Not That Different”

Why Freelancers NEED To Take Time Off

Welcome to another New Year! I hope 2017 turns out to be better than your 2016 whether it was good or bad. 2016 was certainly a year of changes. we had two political shocks. First, The United Kingdom voted to leave the EU and Donald Trump won a shock Presidential election. Post-truth became OED’s WordContinue reading “Why Freelancers NEED To Take Time Off”

Seven Reasons You Should Hire a Freelance Content Writer

No matter the size of your business, you have probably asked yourself this question: Do I outsource work on my business blog to a freelance content writer or should I hire full-time employees? If you’re a sole trader or employ just one our two people, you probably do not have the budget to hire aContinue reading “Seven Reasons You Should Hire a Freelance Content Writer”

Work From Home: How To Cope With Brain Frazzle

Not that I’m saying people who work for other people don’t get it, but because we as self-employed work-from-home types often do things we shouldn’t do (overworking, skipping breaks, working too late, skipping exercise – I know, naughty Matt!), brain frazzle is a very real problem.