Quick Tips for Winding Down as a Freelance Writer

Another relevant daily post here and right up my street considering the week I have just had –┬ácoming out of the busiest week of my freelance writing career. One contract came to an end last week and the client was so impressed with the work, and being due to launch the site next week, I […]

Writer’s Block: Get Stubborn!

A slightly relevant Daily Post here as it relates to stubbornness. We writers are a stubborn bunch and sometimes we have to be, don’t we? If we weren’t we wouldn’t spend so much time writing, rewriting, playing around, changing, fiddling, tweeking, fine-tuning and scrapping entire chapters, killing characters, creating new ones to fill gaps or […]

Good Writing in Video Games: Bioshock Infinite

This follows on from my first post about the previous two games. Firstly, would you kindly watch the opening video? It is just as dramatic as the opening of the first Bioshock and about a hundred times more surreal. By the way, the phrase does not feature… but I thought I would drop it in […]