Who Had Wildfires, Pandemic, and Mass Protests on their 2020 Bingo Card? (My Year in Review)

When I have looked back on past posts defining my expectations for the year ahead, change seems slight and incremental. Little changed between the January and the December though I’m typically heading in the right direction. But this year, all bets were off. The post from December last year looking forward to 2020 seems likeContinue reading “Who Had Wildfires, Pandemic, and Mass Protests on their 2020 Bingo Card? (My Year in Review)”

Announcing: Profile at Createxplore

Photography skillz are developing quite nicely; slowly, but surely. Finally, I have the exposure triangle figured out and I’m regularly producing images about which I’m really happy rather than a load of “meh” images and some really nice shots. I have a tripod now courtesy of birthday money and later this month I’m starting aContinue reading “Announcing: Profile at Createxplore”

Don’t Ignore Fonts in Your Promotional Material

Learning how to use my DSLR properly and aiming to make some small income from it means I’m going to have to learn some skills I never previously thought I would need. Granted, I could have spent more time on marketing in the past, something I am now trying to remedy. But photography is aContinue reading “Don’t Ignore Fonts in Your Promotional Material”

Free Things to Do in Cornwall in Winter to Inspire Writers and Photographers

Our lovely little corner of the country attracts millions of visitors every year. Coastal resorts such as St Ives become choc-a-bloc with tourist from the spring through to early autumn. Land’s End and Sennen Cove and the striking coast of West Penwith are amazing and inspiring for creatives. If it isn’t the coast, there’s theContinue reading “Free Things to Do in Cornwall in Winter to Inspire Writers and Photographers”

See More of My Photographs at Twenty20

This is the week I start a photography course to improve the handling of my camera and get to grips with all its complex settings. I already have a portfolio at Alamy with around 125 images to date. As I look to build photography into my business through 2019, I’m exploring other avenues of promotion.Continue reading “See More of My Photographs at Twenty20”

I’ve Been Shooting Big Cats and Wolves For Fun

…with my new 300mm lens. As autumn descends and we try to make the best of the good weather, my other half and I took a trip to Dartmoor Zoo Park last weekend. Visiting Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium two weeks before, we noticed a special discount on offer. Visit either DZP or NMA, and withContinue reading “I’ve Been Shooting Big Cats and Wolves For Fun”

First Impressions of GIMP Photo Editor

When I got my new DSLR earlier this year, it gave me the opportunity not just to learn how to take high quality photographs, but also develop some basic photo editing and manipulation skills. I learnt early on that modern photographers edit images as a matter of routine. In fact, those who refuse to doContinue reading “First Impressions of GIMP Photo Editor”

Photography Through Northumberland Part 2

Holidays come and go far too quickly, don’t they? Why do they always feel shorter than a working week despite being longer? Anyway, part 1 of my photography through Northumberland a couple of days ago covered Alnwick Gardens, Holy Island, and a visit to Newcastle United’s home ground. In this second part, we’ll visit aContinue reading “Photography Through Northumberland Part 2”

Photography Through Northumberland Part 1

I’ve not written on this for a little while. Granted, I’ve not written much on this blog as of late. But I want to give you an update on how my photography skills are progressing. In a post from April, I wrote about learning all the new photography terms and concepts for my new DSLR.Continue reading “Photography Through Northumberland Part 1”

Aperture, ISO, Complex Pile of Tech… Light Settings, AF-P, Oh My God, By Eck!

Here is my new snazzy camera. I’ve not really ventured to use it yet although I did go out about a week ago to take some sunset shots. They didn’t come out so well, mostly because I’m finding the more complex issues of camera use slightly confusing. I never believed for one moment it wouldContinue reading “Aperture, ISO, Complex Pile of Tech… Light Settings, AF-P, Oh My God, By Eck!”