Don’t Ignore Fonts in Your Promotional Material

Learning how to use my DSLR properly and aiming to make some small income from it means I’m going to have to learn some skills I never previously thought I would need. Granted, I could have spent more time on marketing in the past, something I am now trying to remedy. But photography is a […]

Subscribing to Photoshop

I finally bit that little bullet that had been nagging away at the back of my brain for weeks. It was inevitable, really. I felt there was no point trying to develop photography skills with a camera and kit that cost me the best part of £500 if i wasn’t going to bother learning photo […]

First Impressions of GIMP Photo Editor

When I got my new DSLR earlier this year, it gave me the opportunity not just to learn how to take high quality photographs, but also develop some basic photo editing and manipulation skills. I learnt early on that modern photographers edit images as a matter of routine. In fact, those who refuse to do […]