“There’s Nobody There!” – Ghostly Flash Fiction for Halloween

It’s a while since I last posted some flash fiction, but there’s no better time than Halloween I guess! A couple of days early, and Sunday is usually the day I post original fiction, but nothing wrong with a Saturday, right? Here is an eerie ghost story for you.

Snippet Sunday 12/6/16: Syzygy Part 4

“What is this?” I hear you say, “has he actually got back to this serial and stopped leaving us on that cliffhanger from part 3?” Yes, dear reader, indeed I have. We left our dimension-jumping hero in a ruined wasteland nearly two months ago. Here is part 4…

Terror in Two Sentences (micro fiction)

Richard Wiseman blogs and writes mostly about scepticism – I reviewed his book Paramormality early last year. Today’s curious post from his blog had a short story from a Twitter account called @terrifyingposts. It’s just two sentences long. Click here for the original. Ok, so here is my effort:

More Six Word Stories

Seeing this post reminded me that quite some time ago I wrote a handful of six word stories. Yes, they are exactly what they sound like: stories that have just six words. Here is my previous collection if you want to go back to the depths of August 2011 to see how I fared then! So, the challengeContinue reading “More Six Word Stories”

Flash fiction challenge starting with this sentence – Post a Day #252

Another fiction challenge from The Daily Post. As with the last one I’ve set myself an arbitrary word limit of 300. Let’s see how this goes… I told him where I was going, and he hurried me out, pointing to the door with the gun, but what he didn’t know was I couldn’t go thatContinue reading “Flash fiction challenge starting with this sentence – Post a Day #252”

Challenge: Flash Fiction using the word “Dendrofilous”

Post a Day has set a flash fiction challenge. Here is my effort. Word limit: 300 “New to this?” Asked the site foreman with a knowing grin, passing me a coffee. I sipped it and watched the drill descend. It wasn’t quite at the deepest permissible point but it was close. “You learn not toContinue reading “Challenge: Flash Fiction using the word “Dendrofilous””

Challenge: Write a Story in Only Six Words

Challenging post a daytoday. I’ve seen on other blogs that some writers rise to the challenge of flash and micro fiction. These are incredibly short stories typically, 1000 words or (far) fewer for flash fiction, 500 characters or fewer for micro fiction. There is no formal set limit, different websites have different ideas about whatContinue reading “Challenge: Write a Story in Only Six Words”