RIP Yasmin Selena Butt

The internet is now so intricately linked in our lives that we can’t imagine life without it. I wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for the internet. I wouldn’t have connected with other writers (and readers). Love or hate Facebook, you can talk to people all over the world with a common interest. WithoutContinue reading “RIP Yasmin Selena Butt”

A Writer’s Guide to Identifying Facebook Bots

If you use or have used Facebook in the past, you have no doubt come across Facebook bots. They come in two forms: The most common the random friend request from a beautiful stranger using stolen or stock images The second appear on political pages The first are perhaps a lot less dangerous although weContinue reading “A Writer’s Guide to Identifying Facebook Bots”

Angry About GDPR? Don’t Be – It’s There to Protect You

On Friday, citizens of all European Union member states woke up to a new regulation to protect their data. It had been building for weeks; no doubt most of you had received requests in your inboxes for permission to continue to hold your data from organisations you’d long given up trying to unsubscribe. There is someContinue reading “Angry About GDPR? Don’t Be – It’s There to Protect You”

How to Avoid Being a Willing Hack Victim

Here is a fun game… Based on your date of birth, what’s your Star Wars name? While you’re at it, tell me what school you attended? Where were you born? Where did you get married? Where was your honeymoon? What are the birth years of your mother, you, and your first child? What does thisContinue reading “How to Avoid Being a Willing Hack Victim”