Gutenberg Bible Could Destroy Book Trade Within 20 Years

I wrote this article a couple of years ago on my science blog ILPPS when it was revealed that booksellers were losing ground to ebooks. There was a lot of hand wringing, including accusations (and still the persistent belief) that ebooks are not real books. They are here to stay and most book lovers appreciateContinue reading “Gutenberg Bible Could Destroy Book Trade Within 20 Years”

Spoof, Parody or Satire? And what’s the Difference?!

Humour can be a difficult creature to catalogue, especially when the laughter is at the expense of people, institutions or creative works that would be familiar to the intended audience. While I was writing Dead Heat which, by the way, was my very first attempt at anything that could be vaguely classed as comedy, IContinue reading “Spoof, Parody or Satire? And what’s the Difference?!”

Book Review: One Virgin Too Many by Lindsey Davis

It has been almost two years since I read the previous book in the series so I am certainly overdue! One Virgin Too Many is the eleventh book in Davis’ celebrated Falco series about a retired legionary setting himself up as a private detective in Vespasian’s Rome. The series is funny, educational and clever asContinue reading “Book Review: One Virgin Too Many by Lindsey Davis”

eBook Review: Dear Coca Cola by Terry Ravenscroft

Terry Ravenscroft likes to write letters of complaint ansd praise to businesses about their products. He is a bored retiree with a sharp sense of humour and in Dear Coca Cola he has taken on the persona of a daft fanatic / complainant about a variety of well-known products. In each case he takes aContinue reading “eBook Review: Dear Coca Cola by Terry Ravenscroft”