Cornwall and the Linguistic Diaspora

You can sometimes find acquaintance and commonality in the most unusual places. I first found Alexis Chateau’s blog around two years ago. I can’t quite remember how, maybe it was the chronicles of her travels around the southern US states. Yet it ended up being her posts on Jamaican culture that I found the mostContinue reading “Cornwall and the Linguistic Diaspora”

English Bill of Rights Day: Did You Know We Had One?

16th December is the 328th birthday of The English Bill of Rights, or to give it the full title The Bill of Rights 1689. It was not the first document of its kind to set down rights for citizens/subjects, hell it isn’t even the first in England (that honour goes to Magna Carta which setsContinue reading “English Bill of Rights Day: Did You Know We Had One?”

Have Yourself a Tudor Little Christmas – All About Tudor Food

Following on from my hugely popular Saturnalia and medieval Christmas posts of recent years (both of which followed on from a post on Roman Street Food), I’m jumping forward again. This time, we go to those flamboyant and merry Tudors. Although we in England tend to associate Christmas with the Victorians, the Tudors certainly knewContinue reading “Have Yourself a Tudor Little Christmas – All About Tudor Food”

History Boys and Girls – Noteworthy Historical Fiction

I talk a lot about science fiction books on here and I realise that despite posting quite a few book reviews on the genre, I’ve neglected discussion of novels set in the past. I have read quite a few set across a diverse range of periods with different approaches and ranging in quality.

Book Review: 1000 Years of Annoying the French by Stephen Clarke

As tongue in cheek as the title sounds, this is an informative history book that charts 1000 years of Anglo-French mutual adoration loathing. Stephen Clarke leaves no stone unturned as he charts events surrounding the momentous events from history involving the two countries. The text is as tongue in cheek as you would expect andContinue reading “Book Review: 1000 Years of Annoying the French by Stephen Clarke”