“There’s Nobody There!” – Ghostly Flash Fiction for Halloween

It’s a while since I last posted some flash fiction, but there’s no better time than Halloween I guess! A couple of days early, and Sunday is usually the day I post original fiction, but nothing wrong with a Saturday, right? Here is an eerie ghost story for you.

The Best of James Herbert

The last book published before James Herbert’s death at age 69 was Ash. A few days ago, I finished that book – it was the only novel of his I had left to read so this feels like the end of an era. Over an illustrious career, he had many best sellers – not leastContinue reading “The Best of James Herbert”

Author Interview: Peter James on The House on Cold Hill

Ladies and gentlemen, dear readers old and new. I am very, very delighted and proud to present you with my very first author interview and it is with one of the most celebrated writer’s of crime. A few weeks ago, I was requested to read and review the book The House on Cold Hill byContinue reading “Author Interview: Peter James on The House on Cold Hill”

Book Review: The House on Cold Hill by Peter James

I seem to be attracting requests for review for commercial work these days; that’s why I am reviewing this book several days before its official release. An interview with the author will follow so please check back. Peter James is a well-known writer of crime and science thrillers, and though having looked up his bioContinue reading “Book Review: The House on Cold Hill by Peter James”