The Fake Work Holding Your Small Business Back

The human mind has an infinite capacity for distraction. Even the most committed freelancer / small business owner is less productive in a day than they might otherwise be if they could focus properly. That’s ok. Because after all, we’re human and not mindless drones. While the human mind’s capacity for procrastination is infinite, there […]

Essential Free Software For Every Home-Based Small Business

Money is always tight for a startup business, especially when working as a sole trader / freelancer. Even if you have loan you are confident that you can pay back in time, you will come to rely on free software to maximise your slender profit margin, if you have one at all. Setting up your […]

How Clients Can Help Freelancers Grow Their Business

Learning to effectively market one’s freelance business is a matter of trial and error. It’s one of the most difficult (and thankless) aspects of the job, but a necessary one. I love writing but I can’t afford to neglect reaching out to other businesses to ensure a stream of clients. There is no guarantee of […]

Are You Being the Best Upwork Client You Could Possibly Be?

I turn down work for many reasons through Upwork. Leaving aside those of too low a budget and jobs for which I have no experience (I get invited to translation and PPC advertising roles for which I have no experience let alone interest), sometimes I reject them purely because of the client. If I get […]

Why Self-Care is Even More Important During Busy Periods

I spent most of last week quite ill. Things are improving, but I’m not at 100%. This is an issue I’ve had on and off most of this year. I have a scan in late November to try to get to the bottom of why this issue keeps coming back. Last week wasn’t a complete […]

“Are You Having a Laugh?” What Freelancers Want To Say vs What We Should Say

This is a bit of a tongue in cheek one but sadly addresses a real problem for freelancers: cheapskate clients. We all know them. We’ve all had at least one who expect FLAWLESS ENGLISH OR YOU WONT GET PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the princely sum of $5 for a 1,000 word article and those who think they’re […]

I Never Thought Freelancing Would Last This Long For Me

A little over five years ago with a divorce on the brink of finalising, I walked out of a job and moved some 70 miles back across the country to my family home. Then, as a man in his late 30s and still with debt accrued paying for a Master’s Degree he’d finished nearly four […]

How to Attract Top Rated Upwork Freelancers

It’s the autumn and for many freelancers, that’s the busy period. Almost every year without fail, October has taken a sharp upturn in the volume of work. Just last week, I was receiving 3-4 invitations to interview every day on Upwork. It also means I will rarely use my connects to pitch for work. Autumn […]

The Importance of Good Lighting in Your Home Office

Entering the final month of summer here in Cornwall has been cloudy this year but certainly not cold. We have higher than average humidity which is why when you travel about this gorgeous county, you’ll see a wealth of happy tropical plants. Cloud reduces light and that can mean the light levels get too low […]

How to Effectively Work on Long-Form Client Articles

I’ve now been working for the website about four years now. The site owner is a valued client (and hope continues to be so for many more years to come!) but the work in itself has as been as much of a challenge as a pleasure. I love writing about environmental science as it’s […]