Frankenstein is 200 Years Old: What is it About?

It’s considered the first ever proper modern science fiction novel. 200 years after it was first published, it still manages to wow audiences. It’s been reinvented more times than Madonna but a resurgence a few years ago means we are once again craving the timeless tale. It all began when Danny Boyle adapted it forContinue reading “Frankenstein is 200 Years Old: What is it About?”

Which Classics Have You Read More Than Once?

We either love classics or we endure them. For most people, reading a classic is something to tick off a bucket list. Let’s be honest, being forced to endure them in a school environment is not conducive to repeated reading. Yet eventually, most of us find a handful we love. Here is my list.

Fear!!!! Why Do We Love It So Much?

What is it about horror that fascinates us? What is it about being scared that is like a drug? For many Brits of a certain age, that fear began young: cowering behind the sofa at the appearance of the Daleks or the Cybermen on Doctor Who. Children seem to love being scared and my childhoodContinue reading “Fear!!!! Why Do We Love It So Much?”