Reflecting on Villainesses

A few days ago, I listed some of my favourite villains as represented by the Seven Biblical Sins in response to a Daily Post. Two things occurred to me while was compiling it. Firstly, that I could think of far fewer female characters representing those traditional seven deadly since of lust, avarice, gluttony, pride, envy, sloth and wrath … Continue reading Reflecting on Villainesses

Motivation and Character: X-Men’s Trask

I finally saw X-Men: Days of Future Past yesterday and thought it was awesome. I expected it to be the final instalment in a series that lasted twelve years and seven films with a few that never came to pass (the Origins spin-off series faltered with Wolverine yet what we got in its place – First Class – … Continue reading Motivation and Character: X-Men’s Trask

Snippet Sunday 9/3/14

I realise I have not yet posted anything from my completed novel Dieu et mon Droit and I want to introduce you to one of my favourite supporting characters. Though this snippet is from its unfinished sequel Alea Iacta Est, I think it really demonstrates some of the finer points of her character. Though she plays … Continue reading Snippet Sunday 9/3/14

Steampunk – Counter Culture?

So, last weekend I read, absorbed and reviewed Jeff Vandermeer’s The Steampunk Bible. Something that Vandermeer hinted at through the text and something that was far more blatant in the afterthought written by Jake von Slatt got me thinking, it concerned how perhaps people are drawn to steampunk as a reaction against the nature of … Continue reading Steampunk – Counter Culture?

Character Feature: Marcus Didius Falco

As I have only read ten of the approximately twenty books in this series, this character feature is likely to be a “part 1” with a part 2 expected many years from now. Please don’t hold me to that though! Appeared in: Lindsey Davis’ series of crime/mystery historical fiction with a good dose of humour. … Continue reading Character Feature: Marcus Didius Falco

Writing the seasons: Autumn

Autumn is the slow decline of the year toward the winter, a slow lingering death from the height of summer into the cold and dark. Yet autumn is far from miserable. I love the unexpected warm days. I love the colours of the season and the wind and rain feels quite energetic and powerful. It has … Continue reading Writing the seasons: Autumn

Character Feature: Lyra Belacqua

Appeared in: Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy and spin off book Lyra’s Oxford. New Line Cinema filmed a movie version of the first book Northern Lights under its US title The Golden Compass. Lyra portrayed by then debut actress Dakota Blue Richards.

Character Feature: Batman

I began work on this about ten days ago and until a few hours ago, I almost didn’t post this for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, here is my summary for why Batman is my favourite masked avenger in the month that Nolan’s trilogy ending The Dark Knight Rises hits cinema screens. People think it’s an obsession. … Continue reading Character Feature: Batman