Doctor Who is Flexible but These Characteristics are Non-Negotiable

A warm welcome to Jodie Whittaker to the TARDIS console. Some time in 2018, the show will accept the first woman to play the iconic role. When we push aside the debate about gender – because it has clearly divided everyone – Doctor  Who is about change. For 54 years it has remained true to […]

“I’m Not Watching Doctor Who Any Longer, It’s All Politically Correct Now!”

I was never enamoured with the idea of a female Doctor but now we have a woman in the lead role (and an actress I like) , I’m looking forward to seeing what she can do. What I want to do here is challenge the notion of Doctor Who’s “new found” political correctness for the […]

Matt Smith’s Finest Doctor Who Episodes

A few weeks ago, I listed my favourite individual Matt Smith moments. Here, I’m listing my five favourite episodes from his run 2010-2014. Some of these may surprise you, others may not. A real mix here representing the best of who I think in future will go down as one of the greatest Doctors ever. In […]

Matt Smith’s Finest Doctor Who Moments

We are just a couple of short months away from the inaugural episode of Peter Capaldi’s 12th/14th Doctor and all the excitement that comes with regeneration. It has now been six months since Matt Smith gave up the Old Blue Box for good and it is time I talked about what for me are his 5 […]

The Scariest Fiction – Part 1 TV & Film

With Halloween coming up and this being the time of year I tend to start diving into horror (change of seasons, nights drawing in and Christmas is still far enough away that the jollity is yet to rear its head), I thought scares would be a good idea to write about. Plus, Daily Post has this […]