Freelancing and the Morning Routine

Ah yes, a lack of routine – one of the biggest stumbling blocks to any freelancing career. You’ll be called upon to work early mornings, late nights and weekends and though you should give yourself a break during the day (one of the perks is you can stop work anytime you like, even take aContinue reading “Freelancing and the Morning Routine”

Quick Tips for Winding Down as a Freelance Writer

Another relevant daily post here and right up my street considering the week I have just had – coming out of the busiest week of my freelance writing career. One contract came to an end last week and the client was so impressed with the work, and being due to launch the site next week, IContinue reading “Quick Tips for Winding Down as a Freelance Writer”

The Scariest Fiction – Part 3: Video Games

This is the introduction to Dead Space 2, one of the scariest games ever (definitely the scariest and most atmospheric in the series so far). There is something ultimately more terrifying in video games than books and films. I’m a late bloomer with consoles – I was always a staunch (though not a hardcore) PC gamer andContinue reading “The Scariest Fiction – Part 3: Video Games”

The Scariest Fiction – Part 2: Books

So here is the second part in my trilogy of scares in fiction. Referring back to the date I had a few weeks back, the woman in question reeled off a list of books that had scared her as an adult. I struggled, personally, to come up with any books that I found genuinely terrifying.Continue reading “The Scariest Fiction – Part 2: Books”

The Scariest Fiction – Part 1 TV & Film

With Halloween coming up and this being the time of year I tend to start diving into horror (change of seasons, nights drawing in and Christmas is still far enough away that the jollity is yet to rear its head), I thought scares would be a good idea to write about. Plus, Daily Post has thisContinue reading “The Scariest Fiction – Part 1 TV & Film”