Learning to Murder Your Darlings

Although most of my focus has been on releasing Salmonweird, (just two weeks away from release now!) I’ve made a lot of progress on Children of Phobetor this year. I’ve made more progress in one year than I ever thought I would for a book that’s 6 years in the making. Now I’m staring atContinue reading “Learning to Murder Your Darlings”

Do You Ever Imagine Actors/Actresses as Your Characters?

I’m sure most of us have wondered who would play the characters we create should any of our books ever become films. Few books ever do and I’m sure most of us realise that. However, it’s fun to speculate on who might play them should that eventuality ever come to pass. Sometimes though, I can’tContinue reading “Do You Ever Imagine Actors/Actresses as Your Characters?”

Creating Chemistry Between Characters

I had a very productive weekend fiction-writing wise! I’ve made a good start on my gladiators vs aliens novel and I really like what I’ve written so far. It’s a long time since I’ve felt so buoyed up by creating something new. Usually I allow myself to get bogged down in detail and planning andContinue reading “Creating Chemistry Between Characters”