Cornwall and the Linguistic Diaspora

You can sometimes find acquaintance and commonality in the most unusual places. I first found Alexis Chateau’s blog around two years ago. I can’t quite remember how, maybe it was the chronicles of her travels around the southern US states. Yet it ended up being her posts on Jamaican culture that I found the mostContinue reading “Cornwall and the Linguistic Diaspora”

Free Things to Do in Cornwall in Winter to Inspire Writers and Photographers

Our lovely little corner of the country attracts millions of visitors every year. Coastal resorts such as St Ives become choc-a-bloc with tourist from the spring through to early autumn. Land’s End and Sennen Cove and the striking coast of West Penwith are amazing and inspiring for creatives. If it isn’t the coast, there’s theContinue reading “Free Things to Do in Cornwall in Winter to Inspire Writers and Photographers”

Five Things I Love About Living in Cornwall

It’s been two and a half years since I moved to The People’s Republic Duchy of Cornwall. For ‘Muricans and other non-Brits, Cornwall is that bit in the southwest that looks a bit like an elephant’s trunk (see the map below). Before I met my other half, my forays into the county were fleeting. IContinue reading “Five Things I Love About Living in Cornwall”

There is Inspiration Everywhere for Writers and Photographers

Whenever I move somewhere new (Exeter in the last decade and Petersfield about 7 years ago after my separation). I like to explore the place I will call home. I like a good walkabout and have so far done Truro and a little bit in Falmouth but I’ve not really done so in Penryn. It’sContinue reading “There is Inspiration Everywhere for Writers and Photographers”

Six Tasks for a Thorough Edit of your Novel

For the last couple of weekends, I’ve spent time editing my present WIP Salmonweird. I finished the first draft at the end of November and decided to put it aside until after Christmas and New Year to clear my mind and come back to it with a fresh head. I’m now some 2/3 of theContinue reading “Six Tasks for a Thorough Edit of your Novel”

A Sense of Place in Your Writing: My Cornish Travels

I’ve just got back from a mini break “staycation” with my girlfriend. It was a much needed break for both of us. I’ve had a lot of work on the last few months as mentioned in previous posts and we’ve barely had time to breath until relatively recently. The one thing we were determined toContinue reading “A Sense of Place in Your Writing: My Cornish Travels”

Here’s Some West Country Regional Slang My Lover!

There’s something really wonderful about the English language’s history of regional slang. It came from this tiny island and has been affected by Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans (and I am still putting together my latest in this series so I won’t delve into this aspect too much). What is had done though, is brought riseContinue reading “Here’s Some West Country Regional Slang My Lover!”