It May Seem Blogs Are Becoming Ghost Towns, But Readers Still Love Them

I’ve noticed a trend of late that new blog content from most of my subscribe-to list has slowed to a trickle. Some blogs I subscribed to in the past were writing 2-3 articles per week. Now, it seems they are barely scraping that per month, some even less frequently than that. Some haven’t posted forContinue reading “It May Seem Blogs Are Becoming Ghost Towns, But Readers Still Love Them”

The Soft Skills Freelancers Bring to Your Business

Clients who work with or looking to outsource work to freelancers typically think of the hard skills. In my case, that’s writing and proofreading. This is understandable. After all, you need to know that your freelancer has the necessary background, skills, and training so successfully complete the tasks you need of them. Yet we alsoContinue reading “The Soft Skills Freelancers Bring to Your Business”

I Never Thought Freelancing Would Last This Long For Me

A little over five years ago with a divorce on the brink of finalising, I walked out of a job and moved some 70 miles back across the country to my family home. Then, as a man in his late 30s and still with debt accrued paying for a Master’s Degree he’d finished nearly fourContinue reading “I Never Thought Freelancing Would Last This Long For Me”

In Defence of Ad-Blockers: A Freelancer Writer’s Perspective

If there is one internet debate that will never go away, it’s the one about ad-blockers. I recently purchased a new laptop. I’m incredibly pleased with it. It has a Solid State Drive which I feel has already been an immense improvement on my daily productivity (more on SSDs in another post though).

Why Has my Freelancer Suddenly Stopped Responding?

Every so often, I’ll work with a new client who will tell me something like “I used to work with somebody else, but they stopped responding to my emails”. I try not to pre-judge but I tend to build a picture quite quickly about why they simply stopped responding. Sometimes it appears to be theContinue reading “Why Has my Freelancer Suddenly Stopped Responding?”

Five Signs it’s Time to Put Your Freelance Prices Up

You may love being a freelancer. You may love the flexibility and work life balance. You may even love the actual work. Given the choice, nobody would do a job they hated. You should, however, never lose sight of the fact that you are a business. You should regularly review what you charge your clients.Continue reading “Five Signs it’s Time to Put Your Freelance Prices Up”

Five Requirements of a Great Landing Page

Your landing page is one of the most important elements of your website. As the name suggests, it is intended to be one of the access points to your product or services. But how to put one together? What should go on? What should you never include? How long should it be? Here are someContinue reading “Five Requirements of a Great Landing Page”

Five Signs You Need a Freelance Content Writer

Professional content writing is a skill. Not everybody can do it and there is certainly more to it than stringing a few sentences of English together. Writing content is no guarantee of capturing an audience and you’ve probably long ago told yourself you won’t hire a freelance content writer for a variety of reasons. IsContinue reading “Five Signs You Need a Freelance Content Writer”

Why Fiction Writing and Content Writing Are Not That Different

You might be surprised to learn that a prospective client once asked me what I know about content writing considering my academic background and fiction writing. I politely pointed to some of my samples on the web and explained that the two are not mutually exclusive. The more I thought about it, the more itContinue reading “Why Fiction Writing and Content Writing Are Not That Different”

Five Questions To Ask A Client Before Accepting Work

The relationship between a freelance content writer and his or her client needs nurturing. It needs mutual respect. It needs open conversation and a large dose of honesty. There are fake clients out there, some terrible and difficult clients with real work and some genuine jobs who will try to take advantage. Here are fiveContinue reading “Five Questions To Ask A Client Before Accepting Work”