How to Create a Great Upwork Job Listing

Hello there, potential Upwork client! Are you feeling a little confused about how the site works? Still concerned about how to attract the right freelancer? I know how it can be. I am a contractor but I have also hired on Upwork too. I know the difficulties of getting your job noticed to the right […]

Brevity in Your Writing: Adding by Taking Away

When reading a book, nothing annoys, frustrates and irritates me more than when an author over-writes their work to the extent that it annoys, frustrates and irritates me no end. There has been a tendency in the last decade or so for enormous forest-killing books to exceed 800 pages to grace the book shelves of […]

Three Reasons to Hire an Individual Freelancer Over an Agency

So, you’ve decided to dip your toe into the ocean of hiring a content curator to run your business blog or website. Congratulations! When you find the right freelancer for you, you will wonder why you ever decided not to hire an external writer and curate content in-house. Content writing is a skill and you […]