Keeping Your Customers Engaged During COVID-19

It’s now early June. The UK is still technically in lockdown though some restrictions have now eased. Throughout the month, more restrictions will gradually lift. We are still expecting a second wave; Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned that a second stricter lockdown could still happen. One thing is clear: normality is not “just around theContinue reading “Keeping Your Customers Engaged During COVID-19”

It May Seem Blogs Are Becoming Ghost Towns, But Readers Still Love Them

I’ve noticed a trend of late that new blog content from most of my subscribe-to list has slowed to a trickle. Some blogs I subscribed to in the past were writing 2-3 articles per week. Now, it seems they are barely scraping that per month, some even less frequently than that. Some haven’t posted forContinue reading “It May Seem Blogs Are Becoming Ghost Towns, But Readers Still Love Them”

None of Us Are Getting Any Younger, So Enjoy It

Perhaps a more poignant reflection for the end of 2018. It has been a difficult year in many ways, but by no means the worst I’ve ever experienced. I would say “bittersweet” with the start of 2019 looking like beginning with a bright future right now. January started as any other did – I hadContinue reading “None of Us Are Getting Any Younger, So Enjoy It”

Blog Posts to Delete for Improved SEO

Regular readers will know that this blog regularly undergoes an overhaul. It’s vital for my business that I move with the times. The type of content has also changed. During the summer I made arguably the biggest change to the website since changing its name in 2012 and giving it a more professional sheen. DuringContinue reading “Blog Posts to Delete for Improved SEO”

How to Keep Your Freelance Blog Fresh

This blog has undergone many changes over the last year – arguably more than in the previous seven years together. I daresay that process is over, but it’s now at a place where I feel happy with it for 2018. 2019 is another matter, however. Like our freelance business in general, it pays to keepContinue reading “How to Keep Your Freelance Blog Fresh”

Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Blog Hits

How do you go about improving your web hits? Frustration with low outreach is one of the main reasons people stop blogging – both business blogging and hobby bloggers alike. There is no magic rule to high visibility, good hits or sustained viewers despite what some websites might promise you for £30 per month. YouContinue reading “Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Blog Hits”

Most People Don’t Read Articles They Share on Social Media

It’s been suspected for many years, but it’s recently been confirmed that most people don’t even read articles they share on social media before they share them. The headline is the all-powerful attention grabber but now they are so attention-grabbing that people just share. Have we become so entrenched in our echo chambers? Do weContinue reading “Most People Don’t Read Articles They Share on Social Media”

Brevity in Your Writing: Adding by Taking Away

When reading a book, nothing annoys, frustrates and irritates me more than when an author over-writes their work to the extent that it annoys, frustrates and irritates me no end. There has been a tendency in the last decade or so for enormous forest-killing books to exceed 800 pages to grace the book shelves ofContinue reading “Brevity in Your Writing: Adding by Taking Away”

What’s Muphry’s Law?

Wait, what… is that a typo? No it isn’t and yes it is… sort of. But it’s delibeberate a bit like that one. Do you have any idea what I am talking about? We all know what Murphy’s Law is (or Sod’s Law as we say in England) “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” suchContinue reading “What’s Muphry’s Law?”