Why the “Black Mirror” Craze Is Here to Stay

And so another season of Charlie Brooker’s sometimes disturbing, social commentary-heavy series comes to an end. It is now at the end of it’s fourth and in this age of books on the screen, and the world seemingly exhausted of one episode, one story style of television, Black Mirror remains the flag bearer once heldContinue reading “Why the “Black Mirror” Craze Is Here to Stay”

Why Nosedive is My Favourite Black Mirror

Black Mirror returns soon, though Netflix hasn’t yet given us a release date. Over the last few months, I’ve been going through all of the episodes. Having now watched most of them at least twice, I feel that Nosedive – the third season opener, is my favourite story.

Black Mirror Forces Us To Look At Ourselves and Our World

For me, it was the most hotly anticipated television event of the year. And it wasn’t even going to appear on television, but web service Netflix. Charlie Brooker made a name for himself in 2011 when the first episode of season 1 of this curious series broke onto Channel 4. He has a habit ofContinue reading “Black Mirror Forces Us To Look At Ourselves and Our World”

Black Mirror: White Christmas

Charlie Brooker’s weird “mind f*ck” series, of which there have been two seasons of three episodes each, led into what was one of the best pieces of television of Christmas 2014. Series like this really get under my skin, picking away at my brain and lingering there for me to mull over time and timeContinue reading “Black Mirror: White Christmas”