Good Writing in Video Games: Bioshock Infinite

This follows on from my first post about the previous two games. Firstly, would you kindly watch the opening video? It is just as dramatic as the opening of the first Bioshock and about a hundred times more surreal. By the way, the phrase does not feature… but I thought I would drop it inContinue reading “Good Writing in Video Games: Bioshock Infinite”

Character Feature: Brigid Tenenbaum

I’ve been meaning to do this one for a while. “That Tenenbaum ain’t what you think. Florence Nightingale, huh? That’ll all come crashing down ‘fore you can say ‘canned tomatoes’. I’ve seen good bunco, and I’ve seen great bunco. But, when you waltz through Rapture and World War Two without even a scratch? You gotContinue reading “Character Feature: Brigid Tenenbaum”

Good Writing in Video Games: A Deeper Look at Bioshock 1&2

Warning: Some of the below videos have scenes of violence not suitable for a younger readership Bioshock and its immediate sequel Bioshock 2 has really got under my skin. Every so often I feel the need to return to that impossible underwater city and explore the hidden depths (pardon the pun) of the many intricaciesContinue reading “Good Writing in Video Games: A Deeper Look at Bioshock 1&2”