There are few things I love more than getting out into Cornwall to take photographs of the fabulous landscapes and local wildlife.

When I’m not writing, I’m wandering around Cornwall with a camera attached to my face. My first love is nature. Whether it’s a broad sweeping shot of the Cornish landscape, rolling waves at sea, or a close up of a bee on a flower, it’s the stunning visuals of the natural world that draw me to photography.

I don’t post much about photography on this site. I have a dedicated SmugMug page where you can see some of my favourite and best images. There’s also a (free to read) blog.

See SmugMug for the Blog and some of My Best Photos

Click the image to go to the SmugMug front page, or click here for the photography blog.

Looking to Buy Jigsaw Puzzles as Gifts?

Some of my best and favourite images are available to buy as jigsaw puzzles and other gift items at Red Bubble. Click the banner to see the range.

Need Stock Photos?

Do you need images for your blogs or promotional material? I currently have two archives: Alamy and Twenty20.

Mg Mason Alamy photos

Need stock photos for your blog, website, newspaper etc?

You will find hundreds of images at stock photo site “Alamy” from street photography, nature, landscapes. Anything you made need for non-commercial and commercial uses.

MG mason 2020 photos

Alamy didn’t have what you need?

Fans of Twenty20 will know the site is more for social media promotion and crowd sourced images, so lacks the “formality” of Alamy stock photos. Take a look.

If you need anything else, use the contact form. This is for clients and potential clients only. Please do not use this for sales or other commercial services.