Microsoft Word Tricks and Hacks for All Writers

April 2020: the month that Microsoft is rebranding its Office 365 package to Microsoft 365. Yet this rebrand is more than just a new logo and slogan to synchronise their products and move forward as a brand. Microsoft Office enthusiasts will be pleased to know some crucial changes are happening right now that help writers. Some tools have been around for years and you probably hadn’t even heard of them.

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Why COVID-19 Pandemic is the Right Time To Reach Out to Customers

Regardless of what happens next, coronavirus/COVID-19 is here to stay. It’s the new normal, even if a vaccine becomes available in the next year. This lockdown is unprecedented; I’ve never known anything like this and being in my mid-40s, I probably never will again.

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Work From Home Tips From An Introvert During COVID-19

I’m not and have never been an extrovert; I’d quite happily not go out for a few days. Some weeks, the only place I go is the supermarket and the gym now that I work from home. I’m not a complete hermit though. Unlike a lot of introverts, I like going outside – to the beach with my notebook or around Cornwall with my camera.

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I Made Inauthentic Roman Honey Cake – My Excuse is “Research”

Anyone who knows me will know I am a big dessert person. Since 2015, I have made a Christmas Pudding every year without fail. I also occasionally feel the need to make a Spotted Dick or Jam Roly Poly. After watching the Fantastic Beasts Harry Potter prequel I made my most ambitious yet – Apple Strudel.

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Five Ways You’re Doing Twitter Wrong

Ah Twitter, love it or hate it. I’ve recently discovered a new-found love for the platform after ignoring it for years. I opened my first account in 2015 to pose as the character Jim from Dead Heat. I didn’t give it enough time or tweet enough as a marketing tool. A year ago, I repurposed that account to promote my writing and photography.

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2020 Vision – What Happens Next?

As I’m blogging a lot less these days (thanks to expanding social media presence in 2019), I guess I should sign off for the year and wish you all a great 2020. With 13 days to, it would normally feel too early to do so, but I’m unlikely to post again in 2019.

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Confused About Social Selling? Here’s What You Need to Know

2019 saw the start of the “social selling” movement. It wasn’t new this year, but it did become mainstream. Now, we are in a time where businesses with social networking presence who have not changed their approach struggle. This is largely thanks to alterations to algorithms of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, attempting to balance the needs of businesses who advertise on their platforms against the desire of users who want to get back to the social element for which they were originally founded.

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My 2019 Maltese Adventure – Part 2

I wanted to break these posts down because the last two days of my holiday were arguably the busiest. Realising we were running out of time to see the things we wanted to see on the islands, we decided to make a plan. But the plan never went, um, according to plan.

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My 2019 Maltese Adventure – Part 1

I promised I’d blog about my holiday to Malta and here I am, finally here with some images and a run through of our holiday. After a difficult year in many ways, Cat and I were looking forward to this much needed holiday to Malta, (Ancient Roman Melite, the honey island although by rights it ought to be called The Prickly Pear Island).

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The Most Difficult Scenes A Novelist Will Ever Write

Or, a recipe for psychologically torturing your characters.

  • 250g of resenting dependency of others
  • 150g of feeling like a failure
  • 100ml of selflessness and being used by people
  • 100ml of social pressures
  • 3tbsp essence of personal injustice
  • 5 medium sized organic unrequited love pods
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