Do You Believe Book Buying is a Choice of Monolithic Amazon vs Plucky Indie Bookshops? Think Again

Since the lockdown started in the UK, there has been a move to help small businesses. When non-essential retailers were permitted to reopen across the UK this week, it began a wave of “Don’t buy from Amazon! support your local indie bookshop instead!” Ultimately well-meaning and driven by a desire to help the smallest businesses who are struggling the most, it’s problematic in many ways. It has to do, in part, with Amazon’s business model, and that of the publishing industry.

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Keeping Your Customers Engaged During COVID-19

It’s now early June. The UK is still technically in lockdown though some restrictions have now eased. Throughout the month, more restrictions will gradually lift. We are still expecting a second wave; Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned that a second stricter lockdown could still happen. One thing is clear: normality is not “just around the corner”.

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Indie Film Review: The Jam (The UK’s First Ever One Man Production)

Joining Twitter has introduced me to a range of independent creatives. These are mostly writers, and I’ve discovered an enormous supportive community of BAME, LGBT, disability, and other communities of writers supporting each other through thick and thin.

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I Do and Don’t Miss Archaeology Work, But Writing About it is Awesome

It’s 10 years next month that I got (what is now) my last permanent job as an employee. It marked the end of my admittedly short-lived career as a field archaeologist and firmly put me back into a non-graduate administrative role.

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Why Does Nobody Read My Business Blog?

Like many people, I’ve lost a lot of work during the last couple of months due to coronavirus (my downturn started earlier than most because I have clients all over the world). Yet rather than bringing it all to a grinding halt, some businesses are using the opportunity to push out more content knowing their customers are at home, and rethinking how they reach out.

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Microsoft Word Tricks and Hacks for All Writers

April 2020: the month that Microsoft is rebranding its Office 365 package to Microsoft 365. Yet this rebrand is more than just a new logo and slogan to synchronise their products and move forward as a brand. Microsoft Office enthusiasts will be pleased to know some crucial changes are happening right now that help writers. Some tools have been around for years and you probably hadn’t even heard of them.

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Why COVID-19 Pandemic is the Right Time To Reach Out to Customers

Regardless of what happens next, coronavirus/COVID-19 is here to stay. It’s the new normal, even if a vaccine becomes available in the next year. This lockdown is unprecedented; I’ve never known anything like this and being in my mid-40s, I probably never will again.

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Announcing a New Service: Day Rate

It’s been a complex and difficult time for many freelancers. Most of us are thinking about how we can do things differently for you, our clients. Uncertainty over Brexit started it all off but now, this global pandemic has given me pause for thought on how I freelance.

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Work From Home Tips From An Introvert During COVID-19

I’m not and have never been an extrovert; I’d quite happily not go out for a few days. Some weeks, the only place I go is the supermarket and the gym now that I work from home. I’m not a complete hermit though. Unlike a lot of introverts, I like going outside – to the beach with my notebook or around Cornwall with my camera.

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YouTube Vloggers All Readers and Writers Should Follow

It’s been a quiet start to 2020 for Freelancer Matt. Rather than crying into my cornflakes each morning I’ve used that time to brush up on some book marketing skills. You may have noticed most efforts channelled towards social media marketing. This marketing has led me inevitably to spending more time on “The Tube”.

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