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Hello, I am Matt, a freelance writer based in Cornwall. Welcome.

Welcome to MG Mason Creative!

I am Matt and believe it or not, my background is archaeology. I completely a BA in 2007 and went straight on to do a master’s in landscape archaeology. But as this was around the economic crisis, I had to think again about career opportunities.

I became a professional web content writer in 2013 and adapted my then existing general interest website to highlight my professional services. Three years later I moved to the Falmouth area in Cornwall and have never been happier in my life and my work.

In that time, I’ve connected with so many wonderful clients in dozens of industries, some of which I never imagined existed. It is this love of learning and communication that drove me towards writing. I still explore my interests in the environment and archaeology through clients and these jobs are always a joy to work on. However, most clients are in education and recruitment.

I’ve seen web marketing and content change a great deal since 2013 and no doubt it’s going to change again in the coming years as technology advances, and customer demand shifts.

When I’m not writing about education and recruitment, I’m writing fiction or wandering around Cornwall with a camera attached to my face. If books or nature and landscape photography is why you’re here, then please see the dedicated pages in the menu above.

What Can I Do For You?

I write blog posts, website content, marketing materials, and long-form guides. See the Work With Me page for examples across the web covering most industries. You’ll see I’ve written for educational resource sites, blog posts, and academic guides that university students may reference in their own academic work.

Connect with me on social media here or use the webform for email queries.

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