YouTube Vloggers All Readers and Writers Should Follow

It’s been a quiet start to 2020 for Freelancer Matt. Rather than crying into my cornflakes each morning I’ve used that time to brush up on some book marketing skills. You may have noticed most efforts channelled towards social media marketing. This marketing has led me inevitably to spending more time on “The Tube”.

I’ve not spent nearly enough time on YouTube in the past, or at the very least using it effectively. But it’s a great social media marketing tool, especially when is a channel I’ve not touched nearly as much as I could or should have done. But there are some great social media marketing types on there, especially for writers. Here is my list of favourite vloggers all writers and readers should follow.

Great for Book Marketing: Mandi Lynn Writes

I first encountered Mandi Lynn on Twitter, then found my way to her Instagram before watching some of her videos. A self-published author herself, Mandi primarily vlogs about book social media marketing for authors. She’s not working to algorithms, gurus or “industry knowledge”, these are techniques she has used to grow her brand. One of her most useful videos is 10 free book marketing ideas.

Writing Advice from Industry Perspective: Ellen Brock

Social media marketing is one side of the industry. The other side is editing and that’s why you need to watch Ellen Brock. In 2011 she started a career as an editor. A year later she went freelance, including starting her amazing YouTube vlog channel. Ellen is a vital resource for writers, offering a level of feedback and insider knowledge you’re never going to get from repeated querying.

Great For Book Discussions: Merphy Napier

Merphy is a book vlogger, not a writer, discussing books, themes, tropes and everything readers love to talk about. She’s prolific to say the least, releasing three videos every week. The comment section is vibrant; it’s a great place for writers to go to gauge what readers like and don’t like. I recommend commenting on her videos to know your audience and maybe some social selling.

Best for “Wide Net” Content: Kindlepreneur

I understand he is another big name of YouTube book marketing and social media outreach. Like Mandi Lynn, Kindlepreneur is a writer who knows his stuff – he shows you how to sell more books, get more acceptances from book reviews, and even reviews writer tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

Best For Chatting with Other Writers: Holly Davis

You don’t always want book marketing advice, nor do you particularly feel in the mood for reader or editor feedback. Sometimes, all you want to do is chat to other writers. Well, Twitter is great for that, but if YouTube is more your thing find some Authortubers! I came across Holly on Instagram and started watching her videos soon after. She comes up with some original stuff but also just talks writing.

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