What’s Trending in SmugMug Photography: October 2019

I started this post in August 2019. Rather than creating new posts, I’m going to update this one each month with what people are looking at on my site.

5… French Marigold and Bee

Copyright MG Mason 2018

All the yellow! I’ve gone a bit bee mad this summer but this was (I think) the first bee photo I took and it was in July 2018 at Eden Project before I’d fully grasped the camera. Incredibly pleased with this. I particularly love the striking mix of brown and yellow, not just of the French marigolds, but also of the bumblebee against the flowers. I would definitely have this hanging on my wall 🙂

4… Sunset over the Sea at Perranporth

Copyright MG Mason 2019

This came in as second favourite on my SmugMug in July, and it’s one of my favourite photos ever. I had a real “wow” moment when I opened it in Photoshop and gave it some minor enhancements to make the sky more striking, but not over the top. I suspect this will remain a firm favourite month after month.

3… Beach Huts at Swanpool

Copyright MG Mason 2019

Taken in June 2019 on a bright sunny day where my polarising filter got its first real test, I was pleased with the results as you can see with the striking Cornish seaside colours of these huts lined up along Swanpool beach. There is a long waiting list for what is essentially a shed on the beach, and I understand they cost £1,000 per year to hire, but aren’t they pretty?

2… Rolling Waves

Copyright MG Mason 2019

Fifth place in July, top viewed in August. I love this deep blue sea and rolling wave. Taken at St Ives “down west”. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was taken on a bright Cornish summer day, but it wasn’t. It was taken on a bright and chilly day in mid-February. It was seasonably mild with a little chill in the air but the sea was this gorgeous deep blue.

1… Grand Harbour By Night

Copyright MG Mason 2019

Pleasantly surprised to see this hit top spot. Taken in mid-September while on holiday in Malta during a nighttime harbour cruise. I wasn’t expecting much because of the limits of my camera, but some of the results were pleasantly surprising. It was only the site about 10 days and got more hits in that time than any other photo, including those that had been on the site since the beginning. I also have a colour version of this, but the B&W is the popular one.

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