How Clients Can Help Freelancers Grow Their Business

Learning to effectively market one’s freelance business is a matter of trial and error. It’s one of the most difficult (and thankless) aspects of the job, but a necessary one. I love writing but I can’t afford to neglect reaching out to other businesses to ensure a stream of clients. There is no guarantee of return, but in order to earn money a lot of time and effort must go into it. But there is another equation to freelancers growing their businesses, and that is you – dear client. You can help us get a leg up.

Write a Recommendation on their Social Media Page

Facebook is making it harder for businesses to get noticed organically. We used to rely on promoting relevant services to businesses just like yours. Facebook’s move to return to its roots of social media has affected smaller businesses without the resources. Businesses still search for freelancers on Facebook and other social media (I had a client reach out to me recently), but to get noticed we have to have a high stock value and that comes with ratings and recommendations on their pages. The more positive feedback a small business has, the more likely it is to be noticed and promoted to the right people.

No Better Marketing than “Word of Mouth”

Had a good experience with a freelancer? Great, then tell other people about it. Your clients, friends, contacts are going to need business services at some point – be it photography, marketing, writing, website building… the list goes on. The best thing you can do for our business is to remember the great service we provided for you and recommend us to those people when the time comes. This is free advertising for us and reinforces the strong working relationship we might already have. When I started on Upwork I had nobody to recommend me but now, I can think of at least five past and current clients who came to me purely through word of mouth recommendation.

Credit Them for Their Work

You might be surprised how few clients credit freelancers. That’s fine; it’s your right to use that content under license as you see fit. However, doing so means we are limited in what we can present to other clients if they ask for example. Not all clients do, but some insist on it before embarking on work. I try to avoid linking or referring to uncredited content where possible but I always reserve the right to do so – which will always been in private conversation, not on my public forums. The more work we can refer to produced for past clients, the easier we can build our businesses.

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