Photographing My Way Through January

I’ve set myself three goals for this year (I don’t really want to call them “resolutions”).

  • The first I’ve already discussed, which is to continue to pursue options to get my novel Salmonweird published
  • The second is to get better at promoting my business and products on social media. I’ve taken steps towards this already by reactivating Twitter to promote both my writing and my photography, and over the last couple of days have repurposed my Pinterest too
  • The third is to finally master my camera and become a better photographer

MG Mason grey squirrel
Copyright MG Mason 2018

The good news is I’ve made headway on my third goal already too. I started a photography course at my local college in the last couple of weeks. I already feel I’ve improved mastery over the camera so it’s been a great investment. On the business front, I’ve opened up a second stock photo page. My first portfolio on Alamy is still open. Also open is Red Bubble where you may buy mugs, photo prints, laptop skins, mobile phone cases and many other items with my photo products. But now I also have a Twenty20 page (discussed in a previous post). It’s going to be a good complement and contrast to Alamy, mostly because of the social element and competitions.

I’ve already entered one, submitting this image of a grey squirrel to the Best New Photographer of the Week. I came 40th out of a submission list of over 400 entrants, so I was really pleased with that. Especially as I’d only had my 300mm zoom lens about a week when I took it. it was also an overcast autumn day, under cover of a tree canopy that hadn’t yet started to shed leaves.

Today I entered a second competition. This one for Landscape Minimalism. I chose this image for that competition, a wide shot of Swanpool Lake in Falmouth, Cornwall, taken last summer on a lovely warm day. The conditions were ideal and it’s probably the best example I presently have of landscape minimalism, especially one taken with my DSLR. I’m sure I have some winter beach shots from around Falmouth, but most likely taken on a smartphone where the quality isn’t quite there. At the time of submission, there are already over 1,000 entries into this competition. If I come in the top 10% for that, I would be very happy indeed.




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