See More of My Photographs at Twenty20

This is the week I start a photography course to improve the handling of my camera and get to grips with all its complex settings. I already have a portfolio at Alamy with around 125 images to date. As I look to build photography into my business through 2019, I’m exploring other avenues of promotion. The next is stock photo site Twenty20.

Why is this any different to my Alamy portfolio, I hear you ask? Well, I’m spreading myself out for two reasons. The first is that their technical requirements are seemingly not as stringent as that of Alamy. I have many photos that I have never submitted there because I fear they may be rejected if I did. So I’ve stuck to uploading images that definitely adhere to their requirements and I know they won’t reject. So far, so good, as I’ve not yet had a single image rejected.

The second reason is that Twenty20 has photo challenges available through their official app which can be submitted directly from the mobile device or from the official gallery, or through the website. It’s this feature that I hope will allow me to get the creative juices flowing and provide inspiration in the every day, especially as I have a strong preference for nature and landscape photography. I’ve already entered a competition for Best New Photographer. This image:

MG Mason grey squirrel
Copyright MG Mason 2018

If you’d like to vote for my photo, please click this link here for the Best New Photographer competition. You will have to register though so if you don’t mind registering or already have an account, a few more votes won’t go amiss.

And, of course, you can buy licenses to buy any of my images for your editorial or commercial use. Please visit the my Twenty20 portfolio page to see more. You will notice I already have a few images up, only a handful of which are also on Alamy.

The Twitterverse

In case you missed it, I announced just before Christmas that I had finally entered into the Twitterverse. There is now an official MG Mason Creative Twitter. It will link to my blog posts, but also other content that I find around the web, new photograph announcements from Alamy and Twenty20 and so on. I am not scaling back this content on my Facebook page. but I’m not getting the reach that I thought I would and wonder if I might have more success with Twitter.


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