The Clocks Going Back: Autumn and Winter Personal Challenges

Tonight, the clocks shift from BST to GMT as we had deeper into the autumn. Although spring is my favourite season, I love Autumn for the colours and the build up to Christmas. If also means nights in with the curtains drawn, a cup of hot chocolate in the hands and writing!

Here, then, are my goals for the immediate future.

How yummy does this look?!

Writing Goals

With The Christmas Goblin now finished and eagerly awaiting release in a couple of weeks, thoughts now move to my next project. Well, I say “next” but what I actually mean is “back to an old one I keep shunting to one side.” I’m determined now to focus almost entirely on Children of Phobetor which one had the working title Romans vs Aliens, until it is finished. I’m fully aware I have said that before.

For new visitors and as a reminder to others, this book which is presently around 45,000 words long, is set in 1st century during the Roman Empire. It’s about a group of six gladiators sent direct from the imperial city into Germania to find out what happened to several hundred Roman soldiers who were stationed across three secret forts.

I’ve posted snippets in the past but deleted many of them in my summer post cull. I felt I shouldn’t post tracts from a book that is nowhere near finished and keeps being shunted aside in favour of other ideas. In some cases, the tracts on the blog were heavily edited later. I need to stop getting ahead of myself on his one as the writing process, just like the story, is slow burning.

I’ve mentioned nothing of my completed novel Salmonweird recently. That’s because I’d not sent it to any agents since June. That resumed this week and its currently under review by another agent. I now have two sequels planned for Salmonweird, one is Christmas-themed while the second (no more than a concept) will be a satire on several familiar television shows.

Photography Goals

Making good progress, more than I thought I would at this stage. Although I don’t have a custom photographic print shop open yet( (that will probably be next year) I do have some designs on a site called Red Bubble (click to go to my shop). There are nine images at present and you can buy products as broad and diverse as phone cases, cushions, t-shirts and canvas prints. Take a look! Maybe you’ll find something for a friend or relative for Christmas.

Alamy (click to go to my portfolio) is ticking along quite nicely. I now have over 100 images but yet to sell a license on any of them. It’s a saturated site though, Most search terms return hundreds of pages for that keyword. I’m popping up in searches so it’s only a matter of time before that happens.

Expect more progress after Christmas when I start my photography course.

What about you, dear readers? Tell me about your autumn goals.


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