Start-Ups: Don’t Neglect Your Blog!

As a startup, you should never neglect your blog

Ah, going into business – it’s as much an exciting time as one full of fears and anxieties. You have so much to think about regardless of what services or products you expect to eventually sell to customers. Are you B2B or B2C? Should you have a website (the answer to that should nearly always be “yes”). If you’re one of those businesses that needs a website, it’s important that you have a blog. Even if you only post once a week or less frequently than that, a blog is good for your customer outreach.

All too often, startups neglect their business blog. There is no guarantee of return and perhaps perceived as an unnecessary expense. Later on when you have clients, you want to deliver the work and earn that important money to pay the bills and expand. You tell yourself you’ll get around to doing a blog “eventually”. But you don’t and before you know it, you’re getting a whole lot less traffic on your website than you could be getting. You’re also missing out on potential clients that could be driven to your services through shareable, quality content. In 2018 more than ever before, it’s important for your website ranking to have active content generation and your blog is one of the most powerful tools for doing so.

As a startup, you should never neglect your blog

Blog Articles are Shareable

Away from work, think about the sort of content that you share on your personal social media accounts. There might be some political stuff, some funny memes, some heart-warming stories such as that guy who brought up the lion who recognised him years after it was released back into the wild, even the silent monks Bohemian Rhapsody video. You’re likely sharing op-eds and informative articles, right? And so is everybody else. Even pages in your industry or slightly outside of it are sharing content from overlapping interests. They do it to generate traffic and interest for their own pages and in so doing, increase your outreach too.

You Present Yourself as an Expert

When it comes to the internet for goods and services, everybody is looking for an expert. Everybody wants to buy from a business that knows what it is doing. In writing about subjects that you know, either imparting important information to customers or helping people in a similar situation to you, you are spreading the knowledge and the authority through valuable content. Knowledge is power; it’s also the key to creating an air of professionalism, building trust, and gaining customers. With these two points in mind, ask yourself if you can afford to neglect your blog.

A Blog is Good for SEO

Good content has always been important but the current Google algorithm promotes quality content over SEO knowledge and techniques. Simply, nothing is more valuable than creating content that people want to read and share. A blog is no guarantee of riches and success as a startup, but it is a vital way of getting noticed. The more traffic you have to your website through your blog, the greater chance you have of attracting new customers through search engine rankings because the search engine will perceive the number of hits as reliable.

A Blog is a Human Voice

“Faceless corporation” is an insult, particularly used by younger generations. Like it or not, millennials have spending power and are already a major economic force. In general terms, they prefer a human voice although that is not universal, nor is that attitude unique to millennials. Increasingly, many of us want a responsible, ethical, and human side to businesses. By reaching out to your customers, you put a human face to your business. As a startup, that will be vital to your early success, especially with the demographic groups that come to expect it.

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