At the beginning of the year, I never imagined I would even consider branching out into anything beyond the written word. I’ve always enjoyed photography but only as an interested bystander “ooh that looks nice, I’ll get my camera” was about it. I didn’t think about composition, lighting etc. But mild disappointment at some naff photos over the years and I tried a little harder to take better shots, but again nothing much beyond capturing the moment with a half-decent photograph.

Fast forward to 2018 and I decided to buy a DSLR camera and try my hand test the limits of what I can do. I’m using the presets a lot still which means what I produce is still limited to my comfort zone and nothing too tricky for the camera. But I’ll get there, given time. Yes, I have a long way to go; I still can’t quite master the relationships between ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, but I’m beginning to grasp it and played around last night with photographing the moon (my single lens is not strong enough to get a clear shot, but that wasn’t the intention – I was trying to get a grip on how adjusting aperture and shutter speed affects the lighting conditions of a shot).

In my still-novice state, I submitted three test photographs to stock photo site Alamy this week. It was the one stock photo site that most people in a photography Facebook group recommended. I expected to have at least one of these images rejected on minor issues, although I certainly expected one in particular to pass. Imagine my surprise when a couple of days ago, they accepted all three without issue!

Although at the beginning of my photography journey, it feels good to have fingers in other pies. I don’t expect it will ever become a large part of what I do, but any passive income can be good, no matter how small. Plus it will give me something to focus on when writing work is quiet.

What Do I Hope to Achieve with My Professional Photography?

I’d already decided when I got my camera that I wouldn’t do event photography, weddings, christenings etc, and that I wasn’t interested in portraits – basically, anything involving people! But I do like photographing nature, landscapes, wildlife, plants, but also buildings, heritage, and urban landscapes. That’s why I’ve chosen to go down the stock photography route. I also hope (very soon) to invest in a printer or look for suitable printing services to sell photographic prints.

All in good time and I will certainly keep you updated. Please see my dedicated photography page for further details.

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I'm Matt, a freelance writer, writing mostly about education, early career recruitment, tech, B2B and professional services. Dabbling with landscape and nature photography too. For this content , please look at my main site linked below. I'm also a self-published author, creator of the quirky crime comedy book series Salmonweird. If that's what you're looking for, then good news! The village has its own website listed below.

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  1. That’s great! As a writer you must be aware of the need for great stock photos, especially for covers, and can think about that market on top of just grabbing ‘nice’ shots. I personally am always snapping things that might work as future cover stock for my own books (even though I then treat them as paintings by modifying them in PS and the Gimp).
    Good Luck, and here’s to additional revenue streams.

    1. Oh yes, the search for useful stock photos can be the bane of my life when asked to do so by clients. Pixabay is fantastic but even that site doesn’t have everything. In future, I expect (and hope) to be able to offer photography to complement writing as well as selling stock photos (my first few are now up on Alamy). I have considered book cover designs, and it’ll certainly cut my costs for self-published stuff.

      So many ideas but I have to remind myself I have to take this one step at a time and not overwhelm myself with ideas 😀

      1. I think knowing a market always helps, you can see something and think, ‘creepy – but it might make a horror novelist really happy’, ‘Overcast, lighting isn’t great, but has potential for a Romance writer’, or ‘hmm old table, but plonk a laptop here, and a folded newspaper here and it will work for that client’s blog.’
        And yes it is one step at time, but it should get you there faster. Take building a solid library of your own images, based on your clients’ needs that’s, you know there is a need for XYZ, which is also going to help you maximise profits. This is win-win stuff where (and I hate this phrase, but…) the two synergise.
        Good Luck and more importantly have fun.
        I may have to go and find the brain bleach* now, and purge the rest of the early noughties business meeting bingo terminology that is resurfacing.

        *I may mean Whiskey…

      2. Yes, it’s all swings and roundabouts but let’s take a rain check on this dynamic opportunity. We’re definitely singing from the same hymn sheet. Let’s just hope the verticals align

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