Essential Android Apps for Galaxy Note Owning Freelancers

I’ve had my Galaxy Note 4 for some two years now and I’m due an upgrade next month. I trawled through my choices earlier this week and I’m distinctly unimpressed. Aside from an eye-wateringly expensive Galaxy Note 8, no other phone appeals to me. The 8 is way above what I’m willing to pay, even if I’m able to claim against expenses.

The phone holds up well and the battery life has not noticeably deteriorated. I guess I’m sticking with this one a bit longer then. I love my Galaxy Note, four generations old as it is now, and have come to rely on it quite heavily over the last two years, proving that though I didn’t need a Galaxy Note at the time, I’ve certainly made the best use of it and only expanded my use in that time. Leaving aside the amazing features it already has, here are some essential apps for freelancers.

Advanced Task Manager

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This is the screen you get when you open Advanced Task Manager. Is your phone slow? Are there too many background apps sucking up your resources that messages take too long to get through? Advanced Task Manager allows you to free up resources to keep your phone running smoothly. Some apps run in the background and will start up almost immediately, but you will notice a speed up. It’s simple. Just select the apps you want to close, or tick the box at the bottom to select all and then tap boost.


Install Dropbox on every device you have. You won’t regret it. All of my work goes into Dropbox. That way, if I’m away from my laptop and need to send a file using my file (for example, because a client didn’t get it), I have instant access to all my files. Dropbox is the cloud storage app to have and it allows up to around 2GB without an extra 500GB for each successful introduction (friends, family etc) to the service. So long as you don’t go above your limit, you can store anything and that’s great for a writer like me whose files are rarely more than about 35K. I store personal and professional content on Dropbox.


This is Google’s chat/messenger app and it’s great for texting and talking to clients when you both have a Google account. No phone numbers needed, just a Google email address. Communicate with your clients on the go. I have to ask myself sometimes, how did freelance web content writers manage at the dawn of the internet when we didn’t have smartphones and apps and little to no mobile connectivity?!


Copyright MG Mason 2017

Only if you’re an Upwork user, of course. This app strips down most of the main site to distill Upwork into the most essential functions of the platform – job search (including offers, saved jobs and invitations to interview) and messages. Never get caught short again and unable to respond to an urgent request, invitation to interview or general messages from clients. It’s smooth, simple and easy to use.

Trainline (UK Only)

Trainline is the independent discount ticket seller in the UK, allowing you to check train times and buy tickets from anywhere to anywhere else in the UK. It’s also handy just for checking train times. It allows you to create an account for quick purchase details and save the card with which you used to pay and saves recent journey searches for those all-important regular journeys. Don’t get stuck at a railway station.

PhoneAndPay (UK Only)

I include this for similar reasons. There are many car parks around the UK that now use this network of parking provider. If you’ve ever driven to meet a client to find you don’t have the right change, are 5p short (why is it always 5p?) to park or worse – no change – you’ve probably wondered why nobody had ever considered letting you pay electronically so you don’t have to carry change. PhoneAndPay allows you to, um, phone and pay but the app is even better. Pay to park over the app. It has a reminder so you can see how much time you have left. You can even save your favourite locations. Never buy a ticket again.

WPS Office

Copyright MG Mason 2017

Working on a word processor or spreadsheet on the go, even on a phablet like a Galaxy Note is not ideal, but sometimes you will have to do so. My Kindle Fire is quite slow these days, so any editing or writing I need to do tends to end up written on my phone. Again, not ideal, but WPS knows this. That’s why it not only emulates MS Office quite well, it’s well-adapted for the smaller screens in terms of user experience and design. Easy to use and a great emulator for those emergency situations.

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