Are You Ready for Dead Lock?

Visitors and observers of my Facebook Page yesterday watched my exciting announcement of my completion of horror thriller Dead Lock. Only the first draft, of course. I will spend the next few days correcting the proof copy before sending out review copies to those who have already agreed to review it.

Yesterday was a cold, wet and stormy one so that gave me the perfect excuse to get it finished. I also created Amazon listings and set the release date for Saturday 28th to allow enough time to complete the edit and send out review copies.

It’s only slightly longer than Dead Heat (around 1,000 words), sticking with my intention to remain a short, punchy novella length but complete story. Although the end didn’t quite pan out as I originally envisaged, it did conclude in the same way. I feel it still complements Dead Heat despite being a “mirror” or alternate universe story.

It’s now listed on Amazon (see links below the blurb) and Good Reads so please do consider pre-ordering.

This is a mirror story to my horror-comedy Dead Heat. It is not necessary to read in any particular order.

If you could see your story in a mirror, what would it look like? Imagine the same people on the same island in a different time and place. Three strangers, not three friends. Where what is a blossoming romance in one world is a long-since finished relationship in another.

In this alternate world, Mortwich Island is not a leisure facility where actors dressed as zombies chase people on corporate team building days to improve their morale. It is not where couples get married against a beautiful coastline or where the local cricket club practice.

It is a maximum security prison linked to the mainland by a single heavily-fortified bridge, high cliffs, even higher walls and hundreds of zombies outside the prison gates.

In this world, Mortwich Island is a prison from which there is no escape. An island where “parole” means you run in the “Dead Lock”. Released prisoners are given a chance of freedom to cross a zombie-infested island to reach the sanctuary of the mainland in the totalitarian Britain that lies beyond.

It is a world where the trust between friends becomes the mistrust of strangers, knowing that not everybody incarcerated by a dictatorship is innocent. Is your companion one of the many imprisoned political opponents of the government, or is he a mass murderer? | |

In Other News…

I never expected my short story collection Herrenvolk and Other Stories to be a big seller. Short stories seem less popular now than they ever were, certainly for commercially published work. With the impending release of Dead Lock, I felt it was time to de-list Herrenvolk and Other Stories from Amazon Select so I could permanently reduce the price to $0.99.

No progress on the submission for Salmonweird yet, but once Dead Lock is done (I mean completely done) I can refocus efforts on seeking commercial publication. More news on that later. As mentioned in a previous post, my next project is to get my teeth firmly stuck back into Children of Phobetor about six gladiators from the early Roman Empire encountering an alien invasion.

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