How to Create a Great Upwork Job Listing

how to create a great Upwork job listing

Hello there, potential Upwork client! Are you feeling a little confused about how the site works? Still concerned about how to attract the right freelancer? I know how it can be. I am a contractor but I have also hired on Upwork too. I know the difficulties of getting your job noticed to the right people.

I want to help you find a great contractor for your job. Ideally, that means me – but I realise you won’t just want content writers. You’ll need graphic designers and app developers, social media managers and virtual assistants. Those are things with which I cannot help you. I can help you attract the right people, though. Here is how.

how to create a great Upwork job listing

Use an Effective Hook

“We require and Upwork Ninja for an exciting opportunity to work for our growing company!” Let me ask you a question – what exactly does that mean? Let me ask you a second question – when everybody puts this, what makes you think that yours will stand out? It won’t. If you want to attract the right Upwork freelancer(s), you need the right type of hook. Meaningless soundbites are not it. Forget the self-congratulation and the buzzphrases. Instead, go for pure and simple description. “I need a writer with experience in pet care content.” Simple, isn’t it?

Be as Descriptive as Possible

There is nothing worse than a client who expects people to read their minds. I understand you want short and punchy, but you do need effective use of detail to convey what your job is about. Tell the potential applicant what their tasks will include. Explain how much work you will expect per week. Ideally, give them details of the entirety of the contract. They will use this information to work out the budget. That way, they won’t have any nasty surprises when what they thought was a job with two tasks suddenly triples in size. You want to ensure that your potential contractor has the time and capacity to do the work and they will not appreciate being bombarded.

Be Honest in Your Budget

Negotiation is one thing and there is no harm in trying to get the best deal for you and your business. However, it’s a sign of a bad Upwork client to lie about what you are prepared to pay. Don’t list your job as “Expert” if you only want to pay beginner rates. You’ll annoy the contractor who will feel you’re wasting his or her time and being deceitful. They are likely to block you from ever approaching them again. If you want to be taken seriously, lying about your budget is not the way to go. If you genuinely don’t know what to pay then put a flat rate and invite offers.

Use the Extra Questions Effectively

“What do you think will take the most time?” “What part of this job are you most experienced in?” Ask yourself whether you really need to include these stock questions. Are they answerable in the main section? If so, avoid them. If you really feel the need to include extra question boxes, try to create questions to uniquely set you apart from other clients. It’s frustration to have a minimal job description and to have that followed up with “what do you think will take the most time?” and “please tell us about your experience in this area.” If you want your potential client to think outside the box then you need to do that in setting extra questions.

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